August 15, 2012

4 Paws Training: Day Two

Today was another big day...we woke up knowing that tonight we would bring Detour back to the hotel with us. Our temporary home for two weeks. I was nervous again, but only because Thor still seemed generally uninterested in being touched by Detour.

We worked on more general obedience today; sit, down, shake, high five, give five, and the best...heel!! We also worked with gentle leaders (aka "head harness" - NOT a muzzle. ) Detour was more responsive to my heal command with the leader on and stopped, for the most part, all the pulling he would do when we walked. The down side of this is that Detour has an infection around his eye and the leader just grazes it...we don't want to irritate it more so I am only using it to go to and from the car or hotel...otherwise it's just the training collar (you may know it as a "choke chain").

Detour is on meds twice a day orally with a topical cream I have to put on twice a day as well. We are hoping this clears up soon, but it's making no impact on his work so he is doing great!

By the end of the day Thor showed more interest in Detour and, under the advice of the trainers, I began rewarding Detour with extra special treats whenever Thor came help him form a bond ("this kid being around gets me good stuff...this kid is my best friend!").

And by the time we got in the Jeep to go home to the hotel....

And then back at the hotel...


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