August 16, 2012

4 Paws Training: Day Three

Last night was our first night with Detour "home" with us at the hotel he was an angel.

This morning the class spit into to groups and the first group (ours) went for our first track. Thor went off with an adult and hid in the bushes and then we went off to track him. Detour caught his scent very quickly and was off like a shot to find his boy. He found him within minutes  and was rewarded with a tennis ball and tons if praise :)

We worked on more obedience in the afternoon, including the addition of "under","jump","off", and "place."

Thor spent his afternoon at the hotel (supervised of course) recovering from a bad allergic reaction complete with a chest cold. He was very happy to have Detour back "home" tonight and the two are cuddling on the floor watching TV while I type this.

We aren't sure what Thor is reacting to right now but his hives have cleared and we are watching close to make sure it's not Detour....please pray that it's anything but the dog causing hives...


daftsonographer said...

Hoping Thor is better! Detour seems VERY devoted to him.

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