August 19, 2012

4 Paws Training: Days 4, 5, & 6

I should start off by saying that Thor is NOT allergic to Detour. A combination of environmental allergies plus having a cold and also the extreme amount of dander at the 4 Paws facility (many dogs) all combined and gave Thor hives. We are now keeping him in the hotel as much as possible, and seem to have the hives under control with a little extra medicine.

We have spent the last few days working on general obedience, working at the mall, behavior disruption, tracking, and tethering.

Today started with a track at a local park, then obedience for a couple hours. The afternoon we spent in the mall and practiced a couple racks in Sears. Detour was a champ even though some people got in his way and wanted to pet him - he was on a mission to find his boy (and he did)!

I love the tethering - Thor is proud to walk his dog and I am not so afraid of him bolting. I always know where he is and Detour auto-lays down when I stop in a store to browse, acting as an anchor point for Thor so he can't wander. He is restricted to the length of the tether strap.

We even had the chance for some real shopping and Thor got an Ohio state jersey and hat.

Detour's favorite spot in the car is on the back seat and laying with his head on Thor's lap - and Thor strokes his ear until he falls asleep...this dog is spoiled already!!

Here are a few photos from Thor's first meeting with Detour...


Eloise said...

That's awesome Thor is not allergic to his new best friend!!! Wishing you guys the best through this training period ;)

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