March 16, 2012

Woody & Buzz - the perfect match?

My sweet, silly boy is starting to feel better. We spent the majority of our week on the couch watching movies together. There was a lot of tears, but today there was a smile...

Which means his medication is working and his lung infection is finally disappearing. He is still very tired but improving every day. So thankful - it's heartbreaking to see him sick.

He's in his favourite PJ's (Woody from Toy Story - he also loves Buzz Lightyear) and I was just thinking how great it would be if he got matched with Buzz the service dog.

...I'm not kidding. There was a Disney litter and Buzz is one of them. Here's his picture from when he was really little, but by the time we go in August he will be about the right age...exciting!

4 Paws for Ability doesn't actually tell us who Thor's match is until about a week before we leave, but it's fun to look through the photos and guess at which one it might be. :)

FUNDRAISING UPDATE: I woke up to another $150 in donations this morning, and there is a fashion show fundraiser set for March 30th at Quesnel's Bo Peep Boutique . Hoping for a big turn out! We have $8475 left to raise before we meet our goal, with another couple of fundraisers set for April & May. Thanks to everyone for all your support & encouragement!


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