March 21, 2012

Bedrest & Behaviour

After spending all last week sick, Thor seemed to recover for about a day. Then this morning he woke up worse than before. So back to the doctor we went...

His chest infection is back full force and he now has two ear infections. The doctors have had to give him the maximum dose of antibiotics possible for his age & weight...aparently the last round just wasn't strong enough.

This means another week of movies and low-energy activities. And napping...lots and lots of napping.

Despite it all, Thor is a trooper. After a meltdown at the grocery store* while getting his meds, he's home resting happily...(this is his smile today)

*you might have seen us. A woman and her 3 year old son who was sitting on the floor of the store, refusing to move because he feels so rotten and can't bear to take another step (and insists he's too big for a shopping cart). Crying. Screaming. And maybe looking like a "brat".

I saw your stares.

I know you don't know our story. You don't know that the lights were too bright, the people around him were too much to handle, or that he's so exhausted from being sick that he can't control his behaviours as well as he can when he feels well.

I also know that if we had Thor's service dog with us, you would have seen the dog's vest and realized my son has SOME type of might have thought twice before thinking he was merely a misbehaving, spoiled child.

And so I continued what I was doing, trying to help Thor through the store so we could just go home and rest...

Here's to a great afternoon nap.


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