October 24, 2011

An Update on Thor's Pawtner...

We're slowly counting down the months until we head off to Ohio in August (2012) to meet Thor's pawtner - his Autism Service Dog; we don't know what dog we're getting, and won't until likely a week or two before we head out for training. Nonetheless, it's very exciting to know we reached our fundraising goal and are able to get Thor his much needed service dog...even if the wait seems long.

We have one more hurdle to overcome in order to get Thor's service dog....the cost to go to the 11 days of training in Ohio. Thor must be accompanied by myself and another adult, which means the cost of return flights for 3 people, hotel, car rental, gas, food, etc. After pricing out everything I'm estimating the costs to be around $10000 (give or take a few hundred).

SLATE, a 4 Paws Service Dog (in training)
....could he be Thor's pawtner??
This September, the South Quesnel Business Association grouped together to put on an outdoor screening of the CARS 2 movie, with admission fees going as donations towards Thor's service dog and another boy, Jacob, in town with high medical costs - I am eternally grateful to live in a community that would come out and help support us like that. The movie night brought in $1500 for Thor's service dog and since we'd already met our fundraising goal for the dog, it's been put in his custodial account to help pay for his trip.

Donations are very much appreciated and can be made through paypal or directly through any TD Canada Trust Bank to Account# 9352 6340323 as well,

I'm open to any fundraising ideas (and help!) you may have...please email me or post on our Facebook Page if you have suggestions or can offer your help.


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