October 6, 2011


Through a wonderful twist of faith, Chris McCoy, winner of GiveBack's 100 Days of Giving contest, has offered to make his first donation to 4 Paws for Ability Inc., an agency that provides highly-trained dogs to children, adults, and veterans regardless of age or disability. This donation has completed Thor's fundraising requirement and he is able to receive help in the form of a service dog, allowing him to grow and cope with his condition.
Stephen, Chris, Erin (me!), and Kelly (4 Paws Staff)
Listening to Stephen's inspiring talk
at our press conference!

This act of generosity inspired me to create Paw It Forward - a fundraiser designed to raise money for other children such as Thor who are also in need of these special dogs.

This fundraiser was launched with the help of the wonderful people of GiveBack.org - I flew out to Ohio a couple weeks ago to meet Stephen Paletta (GiveBack's founder) and Chris McCoy at the 4 Paws for Ability's training facility. We were able to meet the trainers, the dogs, and were even lucky enough to meet a seizure alert/mobility assistance class.

The picture above was taken while I was observing the last day of training - these dogs were absolutely amazing and I had parents coming up to me to tell me how the dogs had changed their child (and family's) life in only 10 days!

My trip to Ohio was brief but so very rewarding - I met some amazing people and have taken on several new projects involving charity & special needs. I also found out that we will be returning to 4 Paws in August 2012 to get Thor's Autism Service dog!

I hope you will join me as I strive to Paw it Forward!


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