November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Thor

This month, Thor turned 3.
Had anyone told me 3 years ago that my sweet baby would be spending his time in speech therapy, occupational therapy, special needs play groups, and would require someone to help him with all aspects of his daily routine...I would have laughed.

But now I can't imagine life being different. What may be typical for any other family is not for us - we have a set schedule with therapy nearly every day of the week. Thor has made improvements and I hope he will continue to do so.

He still runs...oh he is a runner!! Trips to the grocery store fill me with anxiety - he's too big to sit in the baby seats in the cart which means now I have to keep one hand on him at all times while trying to focus on the shopping list and pushing the cart. When we finally have his service dog, I won't have that to worry about - Thor will have a belt around his waist and be tethered to his dog who will be trained to keep Thor where he needs to be.

This last weekend I was in Wal-Mart with Thor and I let go of his hand for one second to pick something off the rack. He was gone in a flash and I was filled with panic. He wouldn't answer me when I called. He was nowhere to be seen.

First Time Skating
(on his 3rd Birthday!)
Thankfully, I know his tricks well and was able to find him quickly.
....he was playing hide & seek inside the clothing rack - only, he forgot to tell me that's what we were doing.

We raised the money needed to get his dog trained and will be going to Ohio for 2 weeks of training in 2012 – though we still need to raise the money needed for the 2 week trip. Thanks for all the help & continued support!


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