July 15, 2011

Please Help Me Win for 4 Paws for Ability

For those who haven't heard, GiveBack.org (a new website designed to help you earn and give money to charities of your choosing) is holding a contest to see who can create the biggest "impact" by signing up the most people. The winner gets $50,000 toward their favorite charity.

With just a few days left of the GiveBack contest, I've found myself bumped from 1st place to 3rd (which has no prize). I haven't given up though and could use YOUR help to win this for my charity of choice - 4 Paws for Ability.

I get 50 points for every person who signs up for the site using my link, and if I have the most on July 17th I win $50,000 for 4 Paws for Ability. That's enough to top up Thor's file and reach his goal for his service dog AND to help several other children in need of a service dog!

PLEASE Click [this link], then click "Connect with Facebook" - that's it! If you don't have a Facebook account you can manually enter your email to sign up on the Give Back website. (see photo)

Vinnie, a 4 Paws Service Dog
in training.
Training service dogs properly is a long and expensive process. 4 Paws for Ability asks the families to raise about half of the actual cost, so that wait times are cut down from several years to just months (other agencies providing "Free" dogs don't place with young children and can take 2-5 years before they place a service dog with someone). 4 Paws believes in early intervention and that NO person should be turned down for a service animal, regardless of their age or type of disability.

I only need a fraction of the $50,000 to use towards Thor's service dog, and the remaining amount will be spread among other families trying to raise the funds for their child's service dog through 4 Paws. If I win this contest I will be able to change a lot of lives - and all that costs you is your time!
Stormy, a 4 Paws Service Dog
in training.

...we'll need a lot of votes to make this happen so please tell your friends, your family, your co-workers. Help me help some children who are truly deserving and in desperate need of their very own furry guardian angel (service dog).

As of this week, I'm in 3rd PLACE and still have until July 17th to win this --- PLEASE HELP ME... it costs nothing...just 2 clicks of your time could mean changing the life of my son and others like him who are in need of a Service Dog through 4 Paws for Ability.

*note: I don't receive the money directly, I am simply competing to be allowed to say which charity receives the funds...and in my case I will be choosing 4 Paws for Ability, Inc - the non-profit agency we're currently fundraising for to get Thor's Autism Service Dog.

With your help, I can do this.


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