July 9, 2011

The Farmer's Market Disaster

If you live in Quesnel and were at today's Farmer's Market you may have seen (or heard) a little boy having what looked like a massive temper tantrum.

That was my son, Thor.

Thor is Autistic. Children with Autism are often overwhelmed, and over stimulated by everything around them. Sights, sounds and smells can be so intense that they are not able to process them and can even be painful. This was the case today - the Farmer's Market was busy and overwhelming for him; he didn't know how to handle all the sights, smells, and sounds around him. 

Thor is mostly non-verbal and cannot tell me that the light is too bright or the noise is too loud or that he can't handle one more stop on our errands list. He doesn't understand the concept of time or having to wait. All of these things and many more lead to emotional outbursts, meltdowns, and self injury (banging his head on hard surfaces, slapping or punching himself).

I try my very best to help calm him in these situations, but sometimes my best is just not enough. That is why an Autism Service Dog is something I'm working day and night to get him. The cost is huge ($13,000) but it will change his life.

If you're new here (I'm hoping at least some of you that I handed a card to at the Farmer's Market have stopped by our site out of compassion or curiosity) - please check out the Who is Thor? & FAQ sections to learn more about Thor and what an Autism Service Dog is and how it will help him.

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I'll be holding a Garage Sale & Bake Sale Fundraiser on July 23rd - click the image on the right for more details. 

**I am graciously accepting donations of items and baked goods for the sale, and you can email me at erin@paws4thor.com anytime to discuss donations/drop offs.



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