June 30, 2011

We're nearly half way there!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting our fundraising efforts so far! Right now we're at $4600... just $8400 left to go. I wonder...can we do this by the end of summer? 

There are a few big fundraising events being planned for late Summer*, but I don't have all the details just yet. I'll post them as soon as I know. A lot of our donations have been received from strangers online...I say strangers but I consider you all friends now.

Thor has been very busy - his new schedule includes 32 hours of "work" (groups, therapy sessions, etc) every week. The change in his schedule is definitely an adjustment he's not dealing well with, but change is something he's never done well with. This is something his service dog will help him with...calming down & transitioning through the unfamiliar/unexpected. 

I'm hoping he doesn't have to wait much longer to get his new best friend.

While we don't know what dog Thor will get, it's fun to look at the photos and think one of them might be our new family member...

Stormy, a 4 Paws Service Dog in Training

*If the funds for Thor's service dog are raised before any of the bigger fundraising events, that money will go towards our travel costs - 3 people, 2 weeks in Ohio (flights, hotels, food, car rental... it's going to be expensive, but very much worth it!)


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