June 20, 2011

Help Me Change Some Lives...

Dear Friends,

I'm sitting here writing this...begging you to help me. This time I'm not asking for money. I'm asking for 2 clicks of your time. You see, I have a real chance at winning $50,000 for the charity of my choice and I REALLY need your help...

PLEASE Click [this link], then click "Connect with Facebook" - that's it! If you don't have a Facebook account you can manually enter your email to sign up on the Give Back website.

I get 50 points for every person who does this, and if I have the most on July 17th I win $50,000 for charity! Enough to top up Thor's file and reach his goal for his service dog AND to help several other families in need of a service dog!

As of this morning, I'm in 2nd place 1st PLACE and still have until July 17th to win this ---
PLEASE HELP ME... it costs nothing...just 2 clicks of your time could mean changing the life of my son and others like him who are in need of a Service Dog.

*note: I don't receive the money directly, I am simply competing to be allowed to say which charity receives the funds...and in my case I will be choosing 4 Paws for Ability, Inc - the non-profit agency we're currently fundraising for to get Thor's Autism Service Dog.

With your help, I can do this.

And if you're willing to lend a bit more help, here's my referral link you can share on your blog, twitter, facebook, email, etc. (just copy and paste)

If you have a blog, you can also post this button which will link directly to this post...

Thanks for all your help!


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