June 9, 2011

My Little Escape Artist

I had a major scare today. While I was cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast this morning, Thor was doing something else...

...trying to escape.

He had a small plastic stool at the back door and had unlocked the door. Thankfully, our house shifted so much this winter that it makes it difficult to open even for me - which means he couldn't open it. But that story could have been so much different.

It's time to invest in a second lock for at the very top of the door - he truly is a little escape artist and I worry about him constantly.

When Thor receives his service dog, he/she will alert me if Thor does leave the area he's supposed to be in, and will be able to find him quickly if he does slip away. We still have $9800 to raise before that can be a reality for us.

If we could raise the money by the end of June, that would mean Thor would get his dog in March 2012 (it takes 9 months to train the dog specifically for Thor's needs). In order to reach that goal we would have to raise $466 every day for 21 days. That's a tall order, I know. But I also know that there are a lot of very wonderful people out there with big hearts.

Thank to everyone who has been helping us reach our goal, you continue to inspire and amaze me with your kindness.


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