October 26, 2012

Detour keeps watch over his boy...

Thor is still sick and Detour is still working hard to make him feel better...

We're off to the doctor yet again to see about these ongoing health issues. It's frustrating for him and for me...despite a healthy diet, multi vitamins, and lots of sleep, Thor continues to not be able to fight off whatever it is he has right now.

He misses his routine: preschool, therapy, playing outside.

Hoping that the doctor can give us some insight into what is going on and the power of medicine and Dr. Detour will heal my boy up for Halloween. This is the first year he's aware of and excited about dressing up. He's not too sure about the whole trick-or-treat thing but we'll see how that goes. The biggest thing for him is that he gets to dress up for preschool... IF he's well enough to go.

So - please send healing thoughts to Thor. In the meantime, Detour will keep watch over his boy.

PS. If you look really close you can see the corner of that stool is chewed. I'd like to say that Detour is a dog, not a robot. He makes poor decisions sometimes and that was one of them. Thankfully, his poor decisions are only at home when he's off-duty. Silly pup.


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