October 13, 2012

Always be my friend...

Detour's knee seems to be all better and we are slowly integrating him back to working his job full time. Thank you to everyone for your messages and well wishes, it looks like he won't need surgery!

Detour took Thor to the doctor last week when Thor was sick with fever & bad cough...just a cold but we like to be sure since Thor struggles to express how he is feeling and he could have more serious issues without us knowing.

Thor's doctor (who prescribed a service dog - a medical prescription is necessary) was blown away by the changes in Thor since getting his service dog. Thor was talkative and even asked the doctor for a hug. Something he wouldn't have done Pre-Detour.

This week, everyone seems to have gotten healthy (minus the usual fall/winter sniffles) and life is getting back to our version of normal.

Detour has been helping Thor with better balance while walking (by holding the handle on his harness) which has made his walking more stable and his falling much less - without Detour's assistance, Thor seems to trip on air. He still does, but he has extra stability to catch himself when he stumbles.

These two really love each other and the other day Thor said to me, "Detour will always be my friend." - it was such an innocent and sincere statement that it brought tears to my eyes. Yes, Detour will always be his friend - always there and never judging him for things other may deem different.

I am so proud of Thor and how much he has blossomed since getting his guardian angel...


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