June 24, 2012

Thor & Blue's Excellent Weekend

This weekend we had family in town visiting, and Thor spent some time with an extra special member of the family. My brother-in-law has a mobility assistance dog named Blue. Thor is totally in love...
The boy who is typically afraid of dogs (because they are usually quick & jumpy) was in total awe of Blue - a well mannered, highly trained miracle dog.

Although Blue has different training than Thor's service dog will have (different disabilities obviously), he still amazed us. When we were all gathered for meals you wouldn't have known he was even there...quietly waiting his next task, Blue laid at Randall's feet with patience and love.

Thor was great and always asked before he pet Blue, and even got brave enough to pet his ears (no small thing in his world...he's only ever pet an animal's back so as to ensure he had space for a quick get-away).

Thor has asked if he could have a big dog...and promises to feed it dog food.

I'd love to tell him that his furry friend is just 7 weeks away from joining our family, but he doesn't understand future-tense so I would hear about it every 5 minutes or so...I'm not sure my sanity could handle that!


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