May 30, 2012

Thor's Day at the Hospital

Thor spent the day in the hospital getting an EEG - there is serious concern that he is suffering from petit mal (aka. "absent") seizures. The EEG is designed to monitor his brain activity and check for abnormalities.

He had to be sleep deprived last night (which means I was also sleep deprived) - we slept a whole 4 hours last night. We then had to manage to keep him awake until his appointment at 12:30... where they finally gave him a sedative drink to help get him into a deep sleep. didn't work. At least not the first time. Thor started getting agitated and really not wanting to be in that hospital room. I longed to have his service dog with us already so he/she could have helped ease his anxiety, and even stayed on the bed with him for their "nap time". We thought he may never fall asleep. After a couple hours he was given a second dose of the sedative and we swaddled him in warm blankets.

The room was dark to help him get to & stay asleep.
As you can see...he did finally get to sleep and they were able to hook him up to the EEG. It was hard seeing him hooked up to all those wires, but I know it's better to know what's going on and rule out things rather than ignoring them.

We are finally home (7 hours later...) and Thor is recovering from the "drugged" feeling we was left with. He wasn't able to walk on his own when we left the hospital and had to be carried. His legs are finally not acting like jelly and he seems a lot more stable on his feet.

Time for some dinner, cartoons, and a nice big sleep...for both of us!

Tomorrow is a big day of getting organized for our last (hopefully) fundraiser - a Silent Auction & Bake Sale with Face Painting. It will be this Saturday June 2nd from 10am-2pm at 520 Front Street. You can get more info on our Facebook Event Page.


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