July 25, 2011

Always Have Hope.

A letter from a mother of a child who recently received their service dog from 4 Paws for Ability. Her words affected me, and seemed like the perfect way to help explain to people why I am working so hard to get Thor his service dog. *I received permission from the author to post her message on this blog (thank you Tracy!)

This is for the families who do not have their dogs yet. We received our dog in May 2011 and today I sent our son Joseph to day care without her (Delta, service dog) because there was no handler. So I pick him up - keep in mind he has gone to this day care for two years before we got our service dog. He was so agitated and short tempered I could not control him

I did not realize how much she calms him and helps him with coping skills. Also, keep in mind she is autism, seizure detection, and tracking. She has detected many seizures and has interrupted many behaviors. But today his frustration shows how much these trained service dogs affect our children in ways that cannot be measured. Some will tell you it doesn't work, or dogs do not detect seizures [or help an autistic child]. Do NOT believe it!

For those of you still fund-raising or think "What if the dog isn't right?" Many have thought that and for those of us who fund raised our money and prayed each month for a miricle in the total, all I can say is DO NOT GIVE UP. This is something that can not be measured by a medical equation or proven in a Dr. Office; it is something that will happen before your eyes and you will wonder "How can I prove or measure this?" Because as humans we must "prove" we deserve a raise, or "show" that our idea works.

Your child does not need to "prove" or "show" that they deserve anything. These service dogs are so highly trained, and 4 Paws has "filtered" (for lack of a better word) the dog for you in so much detail that they know. The dog knows how to love, accept, and work just for you.

Always have hope. Sometimes your child needs something in addition to the medications or wheelchair. They need what is already in place, but something is missing. Just be patient...it may have 4 legs and a heart of unconditional love.

Thank you Karen for finding the staff to train the dogs and the strength to help others find in a dog what you found in Ben.

Miracles happen every day...we are just so busy looking at tomorrow we do not see them.

Tracey S.


We have just $7500 left to raise before Thor's dog will begin it's training. That's the equivalent of 750 people donating just $10 each. Or 300 people who could donate just $25.

$25 to change a life completely. To bring peace to a mother, and unconditional love and safety to a little boy. A best friend to call his own who won't care that he has problems socializing, or making eye contact, or communicating his needs through words. A best friend that would help him navigate the world which is to him so very very terrifying.

If you can help...we appreciate it. If you can't, please consider passing Thor's story on through twitter, Facebook, or email. In an ideal world, I would like to meet our fundraising goal before the end of August - much sooner if possible.

4 Paws Service Dog in Training, Zeke

Thank you for your continued support and wonderful emails.


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