February 29, 2012

Help Him Meet His Hero

I made an updated video of Thor's story today - I hope you'll watch it & pass it along. For those that aren't sure how to donate to Thor's cause - you can visit our YouCaring Fundraising Page (100% of donations are sent to us immediatley through PayPal) or you can use the PayPal link on the right sidebar of this blog. Donations can also be made directly through any TD Canada Trust Bank to acct# 9352 6340323.

Thank you for your continued support! We have raised $335 towards our goal so far, leaving $9665 to go. If we could find just 480 people able to donate $20 we would reach out goal! Or how about  193 people to donate just $50??

I know I'm asking you to open your hearts and give to someone you may not know. But please watch Thor's story and maybe (if you're able to) you will find it in your hearts to help my little boy...


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