March 19, 2011

Welcome to our Journey!

This blog is about one boy's journey to get a helping paw - an Autism Service Dog. If you would like to read more about him you can start at the "Who is Thor?" page.

I am applying for an Autism Service Dog for my son through a non-profit agency,
4 Paws for Ability, in Ohio (we live in Northern BC, Canada). I haven't made this decision lightly...I've discussed this with my family and with Thor's doctor and therapists. We all agree - if there is help for my son in the form of a service dog, we owe it to him to do this.

Yes, there are places that offer service dogs in Canada. But we would have to wait until Thor was nearly 4 years old before even applying...and then there is a 2-5 year wait for placement. Most importantly, the agency I've chosen is unique in that they will train Thor's service dog to track him if he runs from my sight, and for behaviour interruption - for the times when Thor hits himself due to anxiety and over-stimulation. They also have no age restriction, because they understand that even little people can benefit from a service animal (Thor will be 3 by the time he is matched with a service dog).

This blog will chronicle the application process, the waiting, the training, and what it's like once we bring Thor's dog home. Oh - and you can expect updates on Thor throughout the process!


Mrs. Sanchez said...

Hi Erin!

I found you via the Sunday blog hop. I have not heard of an Autism Service dog and look forward to reading more about your journey.

I have worked in the field of Autism for five years a behavioral therapist and am in school for my Masters in ABA and BCBA credential.

I have also implemented PRT, PECS, DIR: Floortime, etc. I recently quit my job to focus on school and miss my kids badly. If you have ANY questions and are interested in behavioral strategies please ask!!

I have started a JOT Autism blog, but haven't done much with it. I really only have one post an don't check it often.

Follow me back at and email or comment any q's through that page.

Wishing you all the best!

~ Francine

mmbear said...

Hi! I am a new follower of your blog thru GFC on the Sunday Blog Hop! Good Luck on the dog search and maybe it won't take so long. I am disabled myself and it took 3 1/2 years to fight for my disability so I know about struggling and fighting for what is right. I am new with about 3 months under my belt so I am still learning. I would love a follow back when you get a chance. Thanks!


Laura said...

Happy Sunday! I am a new follower from the weekend hop and liked your page. Looking forward to following your blog!...Hope u can come by for a visit!

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