March 25, 2011

A slight delay with a bit of sunny news!

My initial goal of having the 4 Paws application sent out by today was not met... unfortunately, I'm not able to control how quickly other people complete the referral forms. I am very grateful for their help and in no way  fault them for their busy schedules!

The last piece of the application should be ready April 5th.

In other news, remember how I mentioned that Thor has yet to have his official Autism evaluation/diagnosis? The wait time for the public system has been beyond frustrating and I finally gave up on waiting. I'm paying over $2000 to have a private evaluation done in another city (plus the cost of travel and lodging for the week we have to be there). 

The price may seem steep, but the benefits are huge. If he ends up with an Autism diagnosis, he will qualify for government funding to get more therapy that he desperately needs. If it turns out there is no Autism diagnosis? Then we need to keep investigating and figure out why Thor has all the signs, especially the anxiety and self-injuring. This boy needs answers....this boy's mom needs answers.

The private clinic already has the official evaluations from Thor's therapists here, and are eager to meet him a couple of weeks from now. We will have a lot of firsts: First car ride over 4 hours. First stay in a hotel (without the beloved crib). First time in Ikea (okay, that one is really for me...).

I honestly can't imagine him not getting a diagnosis of would blow my mind. I am glad the waiting is almost over - the not knowing for sure is really the hardest part about the whole situation.

Oh and if you're wanting to know if I'll still be applying for a service dog if he is not diagnosed with Autism? Yes. The "Autism" service dog addresses everything Thor needs help with and he qualifies right now as "developmentally delayed". 4 Paws for Ability will give every child a chance...if the child's doctor approves the placement (Thor's has), then 4 Paws will work with the family to find the right dog!


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